The above items are made from the natural raw material of wood.
The trade names are Modal, Junlon, Lyocell, Tencel.
The above fabrics absorb dyes well, have an extremely soft, natural, and luxurious touch, drape well, and maintain a wrinkle-free appearance.
Also they are able to be the ideal mixing/blending fibre for improving other fabrics such as Polynosic/Cotton (65/35), Polynosic/Polyester (70/30) etc.
We, Hong In Ent. have been producing above-mentioned specialized fabrics both in woven & knit suitable for shirts, pants, jackets, etc since 1995 as a manufacturer.


Item NoImageCompositionRemark
  HIS-1001 Polynosic/Polyester (70/30)    
  HIS-1001(N) Polynosic/Polyester (70/30)    
  HIS-1813 Polynosic/Cotton (65/35)    
  HIS-1808 Polynosic/Polyester (55/45)    
  HIS-2058 Polynosic/Polyester (58/42)    
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