Mixtured fabrics are very popular in European countries being wet with much rain
and snow since they provide sufficient water-proof maintaining their natural
appearance and soft touch.
Mixtured fabrics of HONG IN ENT. are widely used for high fashion casual wear, sports wear, coats and jackets etc.
And their compositions and materials are of mixture with synthetic filaments such as
Nylon & Cotton, Cotton & Nylon, Cotton & Polyester.


Item NoImageCompositionRemark
  HIS-GB202PUA Nylon/Cotton (35/65)   PEACH, WS, WR, PU, A/W  
  HIS-SP601 Nylon/Cotton (45/55)   PD, WS, WR  
  HIS-H401P Nylon/Cotton (50/50)   PEACH, WS, WR  
  HIS-7212P Nylon/Cotton (65/35)   PEACH, WS, WR  
  HIS-RSS201 Nylon/Cotton (35/65)   PD, WS, WR  
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