Micro fabrics are made of nylon & polyester and nylon & NP filament etc.
Through HONG IN ENT. processing know-how accumulated for the past six years such as
Microdown-proof finishing and special coating.
HONG IN ENT. is proper for high fashion garments such as ski wear, active sports
wear and downwear etc... As it can emit internal moisture outward with perfect
water proofness, excellent endurance.


Item NoImageCompositionRemark
  HIS-NM379 100% Polyester   PD, BRUSH  
  HIS-NM381 100% Polyester   PD, BRUSH  
  HIS-NM380 100% Polyester   PD, BRUSH  
  HIS-NM382 100% Polyester   PD, BRUSH  
  HIS-NM3405 100% Polyester  PD, BRUSH  

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